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О Firm

Barbershop FIRM was founded in 2012. Those days we got united around the idea to create the place, which had not existed before, the place capable of improving men’s and city’s lives.

FIRM’s philosophy is severity, laconicism and restraint.

We respect each other; we do not follow the examples of others. We know what we want from life and deny conventionalities. We are not influenced by public opinion and we stand for justice because we believe in it ourselves.
FIRM: strengthening true men’s values.



We do our job thoroughly and give whiskey as a compliment. We don’t promise more than that. You shouldn’t visit FIRM if you want to become better, but you’d rather do if you want a good haircut and nothing less.

We are visited by men of different age and position. It’s their attitude to life and moral principles that put them together. They live for what they do. They are completely dedicated to their profession.

Confident in themselves, they take full responsibility for their actions and decisions. Proved the highest service standards we continue to master it.

FIRM Barbershop – it is men’s hair salon in Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, Yerevan, Zaporozhye and Vilnius.

FIRM Barbershop Moscow – today there are 3 hairdressers, which are located in different parts of Moscow (metro station Arbatskaya, Kurskaya, and Krasnye Vorota).
Each one has his own charm and specifics, but at the same time – the overall style remains the same as the quality of the haircuts.

Our team is presented by qualified men’s hairdressers with experience from 7 years which, from year to year improve their skills.

The main cosmetics and brands used in the work of the masters, you can find only in FIRM.

Основаны в 2012 году
Укрепляем истинные
мужские ценности
Стрижем и бреем
на совесть

Манифест FIRM: философия, традиции, принципы

Отзывы о барбершопе Firm

Владимир Каинов

★★★★★ 10.09.2020

Лучшее место из тех, что я успел посетить в Москве. Арт-директор – топовый барбер. Недешево, но цена оправдана.

Some O.

★★★★★ 08.09.2020

Отличный мастер Фома, приятная атмосфера без лишнего пафоса, всегда предлагают кофе.

Дмитрий Васильев

★★★★★ 29.08.2020

Очень хорошие мастера. Для такого места цены абсолютно умеренные.

Олег Ф.

★★★★★ 18.08.2020

Арсен – огонь мастер! Делает все как надо без лишней фантазии!)) Давно уже постоянный клиент.

Григорий Ш.

★★★★★ 21.07.2020

Мекка московского барберского дела

Lev V.

★★★★★ 30.01.2020

По моей сложной голове очень просто определить уровень мастера, многие из популярных парикмахерских проверку не проходят. Тут же все ровно, аккуратно, симметрично, мне понравилось! Фома молодец! Спасибо!

igor g.

★★★★★ 29.07.2019

За последние 28 лет жизни в США, меня никто так хорошо не стриг, как мастер Андрей.

Андрей Казаков

★★★★★ 24.07.2019

Отличная атмосфера

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Время работы

10:00 — 22:00 (SEVEN DAYS A WEEK)


+7 919 777-99-91


+7 916 777-99-91


+7 917 577-79-99